About Magnus

At Magnus™, we believe that when you're having fun you take the best photos and videos. Our entire line of tripods is designed to be strong, sturdy and easy to use in any setting, allowing you to focus on what's in the viewfinder, not what's underneath it.

We design and manufacture tripods exclusively. This company-wide focus on one product line allows the entire Magnus™ team to commit to engineering the most reliable tripods your money can buy. Every tripod in our lineup was designed and field-tested by professional photographers and videographers to make certain it will hold up under even the most demanding conditions.

Through our rigorous engineering and testing process, we have developed handling features to ensure smooth shoots and easy adjustments no matter your locale. Our decision to use only the highest-grade steel, titanium and aluminum components on all of our tripods ensures the sturdiness and mobility you require for the perfect shot.

We believe high-quality doesn't mean high price. We want our products to be affordable for professionals, prosumers and enthusiasts alike. So even though the quality and durability of our products are comparable to high-end competitors, our prices are not.

When you only get one chance for the perfect shot you need to know you can count on your gear to stand strong. With Magnus™ tripods, every shot can be your best.